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Our Fair Trade Products

Ethix supports the international and domestic movements for fairly traded goods.

Especially as it expands into the apparel industry, the fair trade movement has profound and growing importance for the struggle to turn nightmarish sweatshop environments into decent workplaces.

The fair trade movement is also expanding geographically. Since many U.S. and European migrant workers are immigrants from the global South, and because workers everywhere are tied together through globalization, it makes sense to extend fair trade labeling to the global North.

Fair trade is also often paired with organic labeling, making it attractive as a movement that embraces the importance of both people and place.

Ethix applauds and encourages the growth of the fair trade movement, and we support any solutions to worker and environmental exploitation. However, because fair trade certification is available for certain products that are not made by unions or co-ops, we consider fair trade products to be a “next best” option at present.

We seek to build bridges between the idealism of fair trade and the practical need to avoid “fair-washing” that could erode any advances made for worker justice by unions.



The Ethix Merch overview of Fair Trade, Fairly Traded, and Union Made apparel: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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