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We will help you achieve your mission. Whether it is to promote your brand, support workers, and/or protecting the planet!

You’re On a Mission. We’re Here to Help. (Fast!)

You need branded promotional items. And you’ve got ethical standards you want to support. Not to mention, a budget to stick to! We’re here to help.

We make it simple to apply your buying power to the ethics you value most.

Ethix pulls our products from hundreds of manufacturers and we link to these vast catalogs. These catalogs do not only list Ethix approved products.
So feel free to contact us about products you see on our site:
We'll help you understand the pros, cons, and necessary “tradeoffs” each standard represents. Just ask, and we'll let you know about availability and budget.
All of our merchandise is “tagged” to clearly display which ethical standards it supports. We do all the background checking for you. You don’t have to worry about the complexities of ecological concerns, fair trade and international solidarity in a global economy. That’s our job!

1. Choose your Ethics

Select products from the menu on the left. Narrow down your choices according to the ethical labels displayed on each.
Union made products are our platinum standard as worker representation is the highest seal of approval We support industry in the USA and by keeping your promotional monies in America you help strengthen our economy When a living wage is offered to employees for work done product is superior and workers are happy and the cycle keeps perpetuating! We all do what we can to limit our negative impact on the planet, eco-friendly and recycled materials help too Fair trade is a complex idea and international practice offering a fair wage, environmental protections, and worker's rights in the products
                    Click on any standard to learn more about our ethical tags


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2. Next We Need You to Get in Touch.

Call us at 877-709-3845, click the orange "Request a Quote" button and fill out the form, or send a contact form to share your specific needs or questions for our team:
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3. Get a Quote and Mockup.

One of our Merchant Adventurers will find the perfect ethical product for you, and quickly send you price quotes and mockups.

4. Feel like a superhero: You just did it ALL!

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