Union made plastic promo items fit for many useful and creative promotional purposes. Some of these products are guaranteed to give you an AHA moment! You're sure to find the perfect product in our line up that will suit your services or would work perfectly for your outreach and marketing efforts.

Tech & Desktop -

  • Prop: A hands-free mini stand for phones, cameras, and other small devices
  • Headphone Hugger: Keeps cords tangle-free and accessible
  • Socket Pocket: Keeps phone safe, visible, and usable while plugged in to charge
  • Tablet Pocket: Keeps tablet or iPad visible, usable, and secure while charging
  • Tie Line Closures: Makes is easy to bundle, close, and secure almost anything
  • Cord Cradle: Mounts on desk and keeps up to 5 cords or cables from falling to the floor (set option with Cord Callers)
  • Cord Caller: Quickly and clearly identifies which cord belongs where (set option with Cord Cradles)
  • Mini Can: Store pens, pencils, coins, or paperclips in this custom molded container

Health & Home -

  • Band Buddy: Keeps your elastic bands (and hair ties!) where you can find them
  • Shoe Clip: Firmly clamps both shoes together and prevents any shoe from disappearing
  • Pocket Picks: Portable tooth pic made from food-safe material won't damage teeth or gums
  • Blaster Plunger: Uses bellows technology to unclog toilets, drains, and disposals
  • Mini Blaster Plunger: Miniature bellows tech plunger to unclog sinks, tubs, and showers

Hospitality -

  • Bottle Butler: Sleek, elegant wine glass holder that holds 1 wine bottle and 4 wine glasses
  • Slim: Holds credit cards, driver's licenses, and cash

Sports & Leisure -

  • Putter Pro: Tool that aligns swing path of golf putter and helps visualize putting line
  • Practice Pal: Aligns your golf club and your stance with woods and irons
  • Umbrella Bases: Weatherproof bases made for years of carefree use in most weather conditions

Prop Video:

cell phone props, desk props for smartphones, electronic device desk stands

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