Words written in the sand raise nostaligic and summertime feelings in many people. We now offer American assembled custom imprinted flip flops. Add a cut out logo ("Logo Footprint") on the bottom on the shoe, and you have a clever marketing opportunity!

Imprint on the insole of the flip flop, the strap, and the bottom of these promotional footwear and clever branding tools. They're the perfect addition to your upcoming corporate event or group travel excursion.

Available Sandal and Slide-On Footwear:

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  • Classic Flip Flops (such as the one pictured above)
    • Original domestic logo flip flops, and are now available with the optional "Logo Footprint" that leaves an imprint in the sand. The Classic is made with a 15mm high quality EVA rubber sole and smooth rubber straps (no PVC!).
  • Local Flip Flops
    • Bali-styled Local, features a recessed EVA insole with comfortable screen-printed fabric straps. The Local can be upgraded with embroidered patches on the straps. Strap embellishment only.
  • Nf Sport
    • Feature a 1-standard color strap imprint or optional woven patch or embroidery. Made with an 18mm EVA sole, recessed foot bed and an adjustable fabric strap.
  • Nf Sport - Red Flip Flops
    • Same as Nf Sport but with a Red strap instead of Black.
  • ReMix Flip Flops
    • Offer an upscale microfiber strap on a high quality 15mm EVA sole and are now available with the optional "Logo Footprint" that leaves an imprint in the sand.

Contact us with questions and support with customizing your personalized flip flops.

Learn more about sweatshop-free imprinting with the "union bug" guarantee.

Questions about artwork or printing? Check out more info.

Made in the USA Made in USA
  • Some products assembled in USA (call for details)