Slap on bracelets with reflective print combine safety with brand recognition. Printed on reflective material your designs will pop as they snap on! These nostalgic wristbands are great for all outdoor activities and exercising, and are also ideal for schools looking to keep their students safe in the early morning or going home at dusk.

Slap On Product Options:

  • Action-Band®
  • Grabbons® 
  • Slap-Wrap® 
Action-Band® is a traditional standard slap band whereas Slap-Wrap® is a smaller slap band ideal for children (and in many instances can be used by smaller adults as well).
Grabbons® are a can insulator and wrist reflector all in one! After the beverage is used, the recipient has a safety item to use over and over that will help them to be seen by motorists at night crossing the streets and parking lots. 
Your custom imprint may be standard one color imprint or printed in Vibracolor:
  • Vibracolor options (full color imprint) for all products
  • Standard imprinting on white reflective material. (Solid color reflectors options as well: black imprint on light reflective colors, white on darks)

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