The popularity of photo-to-canvas prints has really taken off in the last few years. With cameras, photo-ops, and snapshots taken daily, why not capture a few special moments on canvas? Place these large canvas panel boards on the wall and admire for years to come!

Direct-to-Canvas Panel:

  • **The ONLY item you can purchase on our site as a single item**
    • the minimum order for canvasses is just ONE!
  • Available in varying rectangular dimensions:
    • 8" x 10", 9' x 12", 11" x 14", 12" x 14"
  • Perfect for a whole host of uses:
    • Realtor thank you gifts for homebuyers
    • Automobile dealers for tradeshows where you can't always bring the whole fleet
    • Fire and Police Departments for sponsors and staff photo shoots
    • Businesses showcasing events and product lines
    • Art reproductions
    • Family reunion photos
    • and Souvenirs, to mention just a few ideas!
  • Union bug can also be included!

union printed photo canvases, union bug direct-to-canvas print

direct to canvas printing, union printed photo canvasses, union bug direct to canvas

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  • Minimum orders as low as 12 (T-shirts)
  • Can print on a whole range of blank products (aprons, totes, T-shirts, polos, and more!)


Learn more about sweatshop-free imprinting with the "union bug" guarantee.

Questions about artwork, printing, or embroidery? Check out more info.

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  • Most products Union Made in USA (call for details)
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  • Most products Made in USA (call for details)